Money: Most of us have some. Few of us care for it as well as we probably should, and even less know how to maximise it over our lifetime.

Sometimes a financial expert can help. Not always, but usually. At WealthSpan we don’t presume for a moment that you will benefit from our expertise. It’s only after we’ve gained a robust understanding of all the issues at play are we in a position to know what, if anything, we can bring to the table to assist you in your plans. Until we get to this stage – no costs will be incurred by you.

The First Step

We believe in free speech. Speaking with us will not cost you anything. We like to begin with a preliminary meeting.

We choose our doctor, our dentist, our motor mechanic, not only because someone recommends them and they’re highly skilled, but also because we feel comfortable with them. This first meeting gives you the chance to see if you feel comfortable with us.

Prior to the meeting, we will provide you with a short questionnaire to complete and return. This preparation will provide you the time to think about what you would like to achieve and ensures the greatest benefit from the time we spend together when we do meet.

After the first meeting, you will understand:

  • what your future financial prospects may entail.
  • how WealthSpan would assist in making improvements.
  • the broad options you have and the methods we recommend for choosing which to adopt.
  • the next steps including our costs, the likely benefits and timeframes.

We know from experience that well-informed clients make smarter decisions on how they would like to proceed. This first meeting is a very important step in becoming better informed.

The Advice Process

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