Our core service is the provision of personal financial advice. Personal financial advice requires us to hold a thorough understanding of your circumstances including your financial objectives.

A variety of strategies – covering all degrees of complexity, can then be considered and compared through the application of a technique called stochastic optimisation.

Through our financial planning process we assist clients to better understand the reasons why they are choosing one financial strategy over another.

Factors that will have an impact upon our financial advice include:

Your plans, your personal circumstances, your attitude towards financial risk, taxation, expected risk & returns of asset classes, financial product availability and design, debt, lifestyle choices and desires, life expectancy, legislation, government benefits, estate planning, interest rates and inflation.

Preparing comprehensive advice means that sometimes we need to call on practitioners with expertise in the specialist areas such as taxation, the law, finance, banking, general insurance, and real estate.


The client’s own words . .

“I am writing to offer my whole-hearted support to Paul Greenwood and the team at WealthSpan.

Following the death of both my parents within a 3 year period, the situation regarding the estate was complex and tensions between my siblings and I arose.

There were complications in realising the estate before changes to the superannuation regulations came into play. I was very anxious.

WealthSpan was then recommended to me by a friend whose opinion I value highly. I rang Paul and explained the whole situation, and he offered some thoughts as to how I could proceed with my siblings etc.

Many phone calls and then a meeting between my husband, Paul, and his staff followed. Paul was thorough in checking that he had an accurate understanding of our situation, and our goals. The information we received from him as to a financial plan, was clear and reassuring.

They proposed to sell the available part of the estate in such a way as to minimise capital gains tax. The sale was facilitated with rapidity by WealthSpan which, given the time constraints, was another relief.

A regular income was put in place for me and my husband. We also had a lump sum paid to us for travel expenses and house renovations etc.

In short, we have had a plan put in place that meets our needs, and makes us feel secure. We look forward to being able to carry out the things we want to do in the future without too many financial constraints; in fact, we have a financial freedom we have never felt before (we are keen to travel more and will be doing it with the ‘luxury’ of a regular, guaranteed income). 

We are really confident in WealthSpan’s financial advice and the ongoing support they provide, and are very grateful for their knowledgeable, calm, and reassuring presence in our lives.

Mr and Mrs C – July 2018